Annual General Meeting - 1 December 2020

The Club held its Annual General Meeting via Zoom on 1 December 2020. The below are the minutes from that meeting as well as links to the various reports presented to the meeting. 

1. Attendance

1.1 Attendees

Craig Strachan (acting chair in Ross’s absence)

Stu Macarthur

Will Penny

Alex Harris

Steve Jacobs

Mike Dodson

Phil Thorn

Maria Pascoe

Jon Sheeran

Dan Langan

Mark Beach

Rachel Evans

1.2 Absent

Apologies from:

Ross Dallimore (Club Chairman) – unwell

Peter Matthews (Club Treasurer)

2. Chairman’s report

In Ross’s absence due to illness, Craig read out Ross’s report for the season, which can now be viewed here.

3.  Treasurer’s report

  • Craig also reported to the meeting on the financial state of the club, on the basis of the draft accounts prepared by the Treasurer (who was also unable to attend). His report can now be viewed here.

  • For the year, the club was in surplus in the amount of £6,547, principally due to:

    • Subscriptions

    • Grant from Sport England

    • Hamper raffle

  • The club has approximately £11,000 cash in bank and so financially, is in a strong position.

  • The draft accounts were approved by the meeting.

4. Election of officers

  • One change to 2019 officers – Stu Macarthur to stand down as 1st team captain after 5 successful years. It was proposed that he be replaced by Russ Baker (proposer Will Penny; seconded by Jon Sheeran). Russ Baker’s appointment as captain was approved by the meeting.

  • The continuation of the current captains and officers of the club was approved by the meeting.

  • The honorary members and life presidents were approved by the meeting.

5. Thanks

  • The following thanks proposed:

    • by Craig, for Stu’s as contribution as skipper for past 5 years;

    • by Jon, for Craig’s efforts over the course of the year;

    • by Stu, for Will’s support over the course of his captaincy;

    • by Craig, for Lisa and Nick for their contribution during the year.

  • The meeting expressed it’s approval and reiterated its thanks to those mentioned above.

6. Any other business

Steve Jacobs proposed next year’s AGM be conducted by Zoom, whether the pandemic was continuing or not.

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