OBWCC Fantasy Cricket

21st April 2018 By OBWCC

Fancy Andy Bevan to score 500 runs this season? Or Will Penny to take 30 wickets? No, me neither. But now you have the chance to back 11 of OBWCC’s finest in our brand new fantasy cricket game.

The rules are pretty simple. You have £55m to spend on naming your XI which can contain up to 5 batters, 5 bowlers, 3 all-rounders and 1 keeper – meaning you even have a choice as to how to balance your side.

Points are earned as follows:


1 points per run
10 points for a not out
20 points for scoring 50+ runs
40 points for scoring 100+ runs
-20 points for scoring a duck


15 points per wicket
30 points for taking 5+ wickets
3 points per maiden
-20 points for conceding 50+ runs (without taking a wicket)


10 points per catch
15 points per stumping
20 points per run out

Each team can select a captain each week and that person will earn double points. Captains can be changed each week. Gameweeks advance at midday on a Saturday.

You will also get one free transfer each week, with the ability to make additional transfers at the cost of 20 points.

Sign up now at https://obwcc.fantasyclubcricket.co.uk and don’t forget to pay your £10 entry fee!