2nd XI

In 2018, the 2nd XI were relegated to Bristol and District Division 3, despite 4 wins. Thanks to Jack Harvey for stepping in as Captain on a number of occasions.

Jack took 20 wickets including 5-41 against Bedminster in the second match. Joe Colebrook also bowled well for his 9 wickets.

Ben Harris was 2nd team player of the year with 213 runs including a memorable partnership with his dad, scoring 79* and 104 respectively.

There were also good contributions throughout the season from Alex Lee, Matt Comfort, and James Taylor.

The wins were against Brislington with Matt Tavare 73*. At Lansdown Matt Comfort scored 60*. At Bohemians in a low-scoring game Joe Colebrook took 4-16 and Matt Comfort 3-10, and at Bishopston in the final game which was won by 4 runs with Mark Bedson scoring 53 and both Simon Pratt and Kunal Barman taking 3 wickets.

Other good performances were John Roper 79* against Bohemians, Jack Harvey 54* against Knowle, Simon Hogg 89* against Bishopston, and Alex Lee 68 against Frampton Cotterell

2nd XI Player of the Year Ben Harris

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